Friday, August 01, 2003

Dinner for Six
Who would you invite if you could invite six people, living or dead, fact or fiction to a dinner party at the local IHop, or Denny's, or any restaurant of the same ilk.
My choices.
1. W.C. Fields
2. Marcia Brady
3. John Quincy Adams
4. Lana Lang
5. Lee Harvey Oswald
6. Alfalfa Switzer
Do I really have to explain my choices, or can I just leave it at that, it's been a long day, and I really had to strain just to come up with a topic, let alone six people, and you know, I've never been to an IHop in my life, and I can just here cacoa ...
"What's an IHop?"
And I can just hear rosa ...
"Hey, what about me, it's never about me, it's always about cacoa!"
And I feel like going over to FatFreeMilk and kicking Malone's ass all the way over to Definiton of Boredom and no I'm not going to link anyone, they should be grateful that I even mentioned them, I could have mentioned anyone.
I could have mentioned Dynamite Diva or Sheeplovr/Tunekies/Don Labia/Rogue Hamster or whatever the fuck he is calling himself today, or Anna the ... punk rawk girl
And I am getting confused my nose is blocking up, and I'm tired, and I'm hungry, and I'm poor, and I'm huddled masses ..
I am just so positively 4th street I can't handle myself.
And Spell Check just gave me an alternate spelling of rack for rawk and now I'm getting excited just imagining the possibility.