Monday, August 25, 2003

I am dead on my feet, or ass, since I am sitting down. Not much sleep last night and then the long drive up to Alpena, and after about 5 miles I was about to fall asleep at the wheel, and the whole time I was in Alpena I was walking around in a trance-like state, sort of like the trance-like state I am in now, I mean George Romero would have been proud of me, kill the brain, kill the ghoul and the whole nine yards, and then the drive back home, I swear I'm surprised I'm not dead, 70 miles seemed like 700 miles, and miles, and miles, and miles, and miles, and I so much wanted to just pull over get in my jammies and crash for 7 or 8 years, and to top it off, when I got home I went right to bed, and about 2 minutes after my head hit the pillow my eyes popped wide open, and I've been running around on adrenalin and fumes since then. I have a serious case of Marty Feldman eyes and scooby dooby scat man du.