Saturday, August 23, 2003

I broke open my piggy bank, which I humorously named Pork Knox, and I've been counting and rolling the loot off and on since last night.
The tally so far ...
28 one dollar bills
$95.00 in quarters.
$54.00 in dimes.
I haven't done the nickels or pennies yet, but I'm sure that will take the total up to about $220.00.
Then this week I am going to take the cash, plus the $120.00 in gift certificates I have for Staples, and do some serious upgrading on my computer.
Hard Drive
Sound Card
And little whatnots with whatever is left over.
I am so thrilled, well, maybe not thrilled, excited might be a better word, with a touch of apprehension because what if I install this stuff and my computer implodes or something, ah but my nephew is coming up from Florida for a visit just after Labor Day, and he did put together a computer for his parents for xmas two years ago, and wasn't that nice of him, and he's a model too, and if he didn't want to help me I could always tip over his wheelchair.