Sunday, August 03, 2003

A New Years Revolution, Ok, Resolution for August
I have a nasty habit of deleting links, I get tired, or pissed, or scared, or paranoid, or trapezoid, or freakazoid, or somethingazoid, and I delete away.
Some of the links are the annoying bloglinker links from people who just link you because they think you'll get them traffic and they link everybody in site or sight, fuck it, I'm tired and I'm not going back and change it, and some are links from people that I used to visit, and they either deleted me, wait, I can't believe anyone would ever delete me, or I deleted them because I didn't visit them anymore.
But wait, there's more ...
This is about me making a resolution ... right.
So my resolution is that I will never delete another link again, as long as I live, and for a long time after I die, not even those crappy bloglinker link whore links ... whore ... links ... whore ... ad infinitum.