Monday, September 22, 2003

I can't believe it. I pour my heart and soul into that Jefferson Airplane post and I get nothing from you rat bastards, and did you know that Ford Auditorium, where they played is, or was, because I don't know if it's still standing, is, or was located on Jefferson Avenue. Coincidence ... I think not.
But yeah, I'm a little bit hurt, and I did watch The Fellowship of the Rings last night, and that guy who played Frodo has to be about the worst actor of all times. His only emotion was opening his eyes even wider and letting his jaw drop another two inches, and I wonder if he's related to Fredo from the Godfather, and forget that part, I'm just padding now, not that you care, not that you're reading this, not that rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain, but I'm pretty sure it does.
So just screw you all.