Sunday, September 28, 2003

If you were out last night you missed the premier of the new
Cable Access Channel 97 production of
Bitter and a Movie.
Hosted by ATL ... * and
yours truly.
Last nights feature was the 80's cult classic
Among the bitterness spewed force by our hosts were these gems:

ATL: Lori Singer is such a slut
boz: No, she's just sexually frustrated.

ATL: She could get someone killed pulling a stunt like that.
boz: Shhh, I'm trying to look up her skirt.

ATL: Baptists are hitters.
boz: Baptists are smiters.

boz: They had to get the whitest white boy in America and try to teach him to dance.
ATL: Emilio Estevez is in the movie?

ATL: The 80's kids were the wildest.
boz: It was the MTV that did it.

boz:Roger and Eleanor need to go home and fornicate.
ATL: AT least.

Join us next week when our bitterness will be directed towards
The Breakfast Club
and hear comments like ...
ATL: Molly Ringwald is such a slut.
boz: Shhh, I'm trying to look up her dress.