Monday, October 06, 2003

Went out to the country today and bought some
Orphan Pumpkins

Orphan pumpkins are the ones off to the side, out of view from the more expensive legitimate $5, $4, and $3 pumpkins.
Orphan pumpkins are the mis-shapen ones, or the scarred ones, or the still green ones, or the stemless ones, or as I like to call them, well, I like to call them orphan pumpkins, but I also like to call them pumpkins with character, yeah that, and I also like to call them pumpkins that only cost fifty cents each, and I also call them pumpkins that I only paid a dollar for all four of them because there was nobody there and all they had was a money jar, and except for a dollar bill the smallest bill I had was a twenty, ok, a ten, ok, I had a five, and like they'll ever know the difference, and like they'd care even less.
Sigh, I love Orphan pumpkins, they are so boz-like.