Saturday, November 08, 2003

This shouldn't even count as a post, but ...
Men's Journal pics the
50 Greatest Guy Flicks Of All Time
I checked them out, most are pretty good, some are pretty lame, give me a break,
Chevy Chase in Fletch !!!!
Oh well, you decide, I'm about to go out, and I'll tell you my favorites out of their favorites if I feel like and I don't forget about it, later tonight.
Oops, they only give you the top ten, not to worry, I have a free subscription to the magazine, being that I am all MAN they gave it to me, and I'll list the other 40 tonight, if I feel like it and I don't forget about it, or as Tony Soprano would say fah-get ...
ah, who the hell cares how Tony Soprano would say it.