Thursday, October 17, 2002

It is duck hunting season, and since I live right off the lake I have the honor of being awakened at dawn every morning by the sound of rifles, shotguns, howitzers, ak-47s, hand grenades, small nuclear devices, or whatever the hell hunters use when they hunt the elusive mallard. Elmer Fudd lives!

The title of my blog came from a song by Mike Nesmith, the ex-Monkee. It just means the Ultimate Boredom. I was not a fan of the Monkees, but I do think some of the stuff Nesmith did after he left the Monkee's was pretty good. Did you know that Mike Nesmith's mother, a secretary, invented Liquid Paper?

Someone kick me in the butt. I need a haircut, but lack the initiative to get dressed and drive in to town. No, wait, I am dressed already. I'm not the kind of guy who hangs around his computer all day in his underwear with a three day growth of beard. No, really I'm not, well, except for the three day growth of beard part ... and maybe the part about hanging around my computer all day. Those parts may be true, but the part about me sitting around in my underwear is definately not true. Well, not usually true, honest.

Praise the lord! My netscape page is back up.

I don't understand it, but it has seemed like Monday all day.

I want to learn to do a page from scratch, using nothing but html. I signed up for a free page at anycities. I heard that anycities sucks, but they are free, and free is my mantra. Here is what I have so far. The I Love a Duck Page