Thursday, October 31, 2002

Trick or Treat !!!

Because of the holiday, this weeks Friday Poll will begin on Thursday. Last week's poll results will be posted tomorrow.

Please give reasons in the COMMENTS section after you have voted.
This weeks poll:

Granola bars are evil, and they have no souls.

Do you see the little computer guy sitting at his desk in the left hand margin?

Is he wearing a white belt or is that a butt crack?

I just learned that the area on the left hand side of the page that I have been refering to as a margin, is actually called a portal. Well, call me geek and paint me stupid.

I just signed up for blogsnob, see link in left hand portal under the computer dude with the butt crack showing, and I think I'll like it. Not only can YOU visit a spiffy/neat-o/keen random blog, but so can I. I can now journey the blogging universe without leaving the safety of my own blog. All blogs open in a new window. Aren't you glad you asked?