Friday, November 15, 2002

I have had three hits from people looking for a pic of Winona Ryder in a see through dress. I Hope they let me know if they find it. I wouldn't mind seeing that myself. Free Winona Ryder, Free Winona Ryder, Free Winona Ryder.

Whenever anyone leaves a comment or signs my guestmap I always check out their page if they give a url. While doing this I was surprised to find that two of them had listed me in their links list. I am humbled. I don't have a personal link list, I am much too self-centered for that, so I will list them both in my journal. They are Kathy@Worlds Oldest Sullen Teen and Irene, that flaky Christian chick from Malaysia@Musings and Misadventures of IreneQ. Pardon my typing I cut my thumb and the band-aid keeps slipping off.