Thursday, January 16, 2003

This is what Chains of Daisies had to say about The Grand Ennui:

"Aortal Link
Yup, it's that Aortal time again and for your internet viewing pleasure I bring you:
The Grand Ennui, Not Just For Breakfast Anymore
He's crass, he's opinionated, he's rude, he uses *gasp* swear words (!).
Hold on, that doesn't sound so good does it?
Actually he had me laughing out loud. And no, I don't mean the silent lol of the cyber-verse. It was the type of laughing that made a noise.
I still do that from time to time you know.
If you're of a more genteel disposition I shouldn't go look.
But then again, go on.
You know you want to }:)"

If I die, I want that to be my epitaph.