Thursday, April 24, 2003

A Few Things, Not To Be Confused With 100 Things
A. My brother-in-law looks just like Kenny Rogers, I mean just like him, dead ringer, folk singer, like him.
B. The lawns up here haven't started turning green yet.
C. I have had up to 20 deer in my front yard at one time.
D. And 50 wild turkey, but not at the same time as the 20 deer.
E. My 2002 red Chevy Cavalier looks really hot when it is clean, which it is now.
F. I'm not quite as cool as I seem, hard to believe isn't it, and does anyone use the word cool anymore to describe the act of coolness.
G. I went to High School with Mitch Ryder's kid brother.
H. A girl once told me I looked sexy when I danced, ok, the girl was my sister, but she wouldn't have said it if she didn't mean it, because at the time we didn't get along too well.
I. I almost saw John F. Kennedy give a speech when he was running for president, but the shopping center was too crowded, so I had to settle for once driving by a place where John F. Kennedy was giving a speech when he was running for President, I didn't actually drive either, my dad drove.
J. I was once hit in the head with a croquet ball.
K. I think I'll stop at K, because my first name starts with K.