Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Blogger is pretty much sucking the big one again today.
Is it just me, or is everyone having trouble getting blogspot pages to load.
Please tell me it isn't just me, oh god, please tell me it isn't just me.
In other news ...
A couple people have asked me about
The Name The Grand Ennui Dude Contest.
It is still going on, and all you have to do is think of a suitable name for the Grand Ennui Dude.
There is no time limit, the contest will continue until there is a winner.
I am the sole judge, as opposed to the soul judge, but I'd like to be the soul judge too ...

Soul Judge: Malone you evil rat bastard, you will spend a thousand eternities in Pomona bartending in a Mexican Techno-Bar, where tipping is not allowed, and all the women have mustaches.

But I digress.
The only two names I have even remotely considered have been Lazlo and Seamus, but ehhh, they both come up lacking.
Such is life.