Sunday, May 11, 2003

Shanti's Prize
A Post dedicated to Shanti.

Shanti is our blogging community's child prodigy. Shanti
is equal parts sugar and spice and arsenic and doom.
Shanti is just as likely to ream you a new one as she is
to blush and giggle like Little Bo Peep. Shanti sees the
world through rose colored glasses that have a little crack in each lens.
Ok, a big crack in each lens.
All hail Princess Shanti. Love, hate, love, sneer, love, snarl, love, whatever.
I do believe it's time for:

Shanti, a list
1. She is from Northern California.
2. She almost has a driver's license.
3. She lives with her mother.
4. She will not introduce me to her mother.
5. She has an internet crush on Cheeks.
6. She is an angst ridden bopper, I bet she thought I'd forget about that.
7. She has a way with words, usually obscene ones.
8. Strange people hit on her.
9. She has a dark side.
10. She likes horror, zombie, death, murder, creepy movies.

Of the above:
A. Some is true.
B. Some is kind of true.
C. Some is slanderously untrue.
D. All of the above.
Do the linkage, baby.