Thursday, July 24, 2003

Around the Blogs With Boz
Malone has girlie wrists.
ChezPink may be a giant, or just have midget friends.
Rosa Posa is back at Homey High and probably stalking the special education student teacher by now.
Shanti really hates all you people, at least till she finds a bra that fits.
Whitey has some holes somewhere.
Sullivan may become the Johnny Wadd of the homeless community.
ATLSuper* is in some parallel universe and occasionally wormholes her way back into the reality we call life.
Cheeks hasn't mentioned his cock for two days, a new record.
Lemon Fresh Jesus is involved in some sado-masochist cult that worships a young Matthew Broderick.
Dan Albia is caught between emoness and hipsterness, and feels the shame of both.
The Fuzzy Bottomed AntiChrist accosted some poor geek in a convenience store parking lot.
Cacoa is going through (frantically rubbing nipples, frantically rubbing nipples, frantically rubbing nipples, frantically rubbing nipples) another life crisis.
The troll is actually a freakin' kid and if he posted I could probably come up with something better, but he doesn't, so I haven't.
Jess is in Buffalo with her best gal and a new tattoo, but it's still friggin' Buffalo.
Mo is in Florida doing her Florida groove thing with a Cuban cabana boy named Raul.
Bunty lusted after a professor but the bastard was married with no visible ring, did I already call him a bastard.
A Delicious Young Prince actually bought a time share in Orlando, I guess all the swamp land was taken.
Blu continues to bust my chops because of my objectification of women.
Anna ... that punk rawk girl wants nude pics of me, or maybe that was just a dream I had.
Pam did something weird at Kmart, but I'm getting tired so I will leave it to your imagination.
Paul stopped and took a breath, but just one.
Stacey may just be too kinky for her own damn self.
Marci makes my thought processes look abnormally normal.
The Dynamite Diva has morphed into Gwen and re-morphed into Gwenchilla.
Maria, let me see now, which one is Maria, sorry Maria I'm running out of steam here.
Chizzle and Mad Mathias and Jagerbomb are all new, so I can't be bothered with them, at least not tonight, hey, I'm sure they are good guys, they must be, mustn't they be.

The end
Damn that was hard.