Friday, July 11, 2003

My most unusual sexual experience.
When I was in the Air Force, and stationed on the island of Crete, which is part of Greece, I had a chance to go on a temporary four week assignment to Turkey. Turkey is a lot like Greece except the Turkish women have thicker mustaches.
But this is about sex, not mustaches isn't it.
The base I did my temporary duty on was located near a Turkish city named Bursa, and in Bursa there was a woman's prison.
Do you see where this is leading.
Any of you who has seen the movie Midnight Express know that Turkish prisons are a bit on the strange side.
Anyway, the women prisoners were allowed to work off their debt to society as prostitutes. I don't know if this was legal, but it was regulated, at least by the guards, who I imagine got a kickback.
Cut to the chase, it was a tradition for anyone stationed at this base in Turkey to visit the prison prostitutes of Bursa, I did, it was strange, but uneventful.
The woman were clean, and shaved, unfortunately it wasn't their mustache's that were shaved, and I think it only cost about three bucks American.
And isn't this post getting long and drawn out and to the point of having no point.
But who cares, if you have read this far you might as well stick it out, which is what I did that day in Bursa so many years ago.
I am still in contact with my Bursa prostitute, we exchange Xmas cards every year. Her name was Sofia, but I have changed it to protect her identity. She is the mother of five, and grandmother of ten, and a bodyguard for the leading Turkish pop group Omar and the Tentmakers.
The last paragraph is made up, but you probably figured that out, and it was just a lame attempt as opposed to a limp attempt, which I almost was at the time, to save this shaggy dog of a post about ...
My most unusual sexual experience.