Sunday, September 07, 2003

I once gave a girl dead flowers, I mean really really dead flowers, but it wasn't my fault, it was Thoreau's fault, no not the Thoreau who sat next to me in International Relations, that was Bud Thoreau, I'm talking about Henry David Thoreau, the Walden Pond guy. You see, we had been studying Thoreau, HD not Bud, just before Xmas break, and somebody came up with the idea that we should exchange Xmas gifts, not the store bought kind, but the kind that Thoreau, not Bud but HD, would deem appropriate, like something you made, or a poem you had written, you know, something from the heart, and of course ... flowers were always nice, but it was the dead of winter, and the only flowers I could find were in my mom's garden and of course they were all dead, so you see my dilemma.
Anyway, I think the name of the girl I drew was Janeane (sic) and she later had a nervous breakdown, not because of the flowers, but because she was worried about final exams, but I bet the flowers didn't help it any.
Dear sweet Janeane (sic) I'm truly sorry.
And don't you think that Thoreau idea of exchanging Xmas gifts is really boss.
Oh yeah, boss is just 60's slang for ummm, well, you tell me.