Friday, October 10, 2003

Looks like there may be an interesting movie on the Sundance channel tonight. They're showing a documentary on Shane McGowan the lead singer of the Pogues. Should I be excited, and please, share your favorite Pogues story with me. No, really, I mean it.
Actually, the first I ever heard of the Pogues was when Spike, was that her name, the slightly chunky unwed mother with the crazy hair from DeGrassi Jr High, and her new boyfriend, well a friend who was a boy, and could have ended up being a boyfriend, but I really don't remember how that turned out, and I'm pretty sure the Pogues are better than Zit Remedy, but I could be wrong ...
And I'm lost here
Ok, the first I heard of the Pogues is when Spike and her boyfried were talking about seeing them in concert, or something like that.