Sunday, October 12, 2003

What, A Quiz
1. What breed of dog are you - basset hound, no make that a beagle.
2. What music genre are you - alternative country, with a touch of punk mixed with a dab of blues and a great big dollop of folk, folk, folk.
3. What junk food are you - curley fries.
4. What country are you - Japan by way of Canada.
5. What women's problem are you - menopause.
6. What assassin are you - disappointed office seeker Charles Guiteau.
7. What cartoon character are you - Popeye, the early years.
8. What war are you - The Spanish-American War.
9. What sexual act are you - a blow job with a thumb up the ass.
10. What excuse are you - the dog ate my homework.