Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Lucky me.
I got a coupon through the mail from the local tattoo parlor, and that's parlour for what's left of the british empire, worth 20% off a tattoo or a piercing. I dunno, but a little after xmas tattoo sounds pretty tempting, or hell, even an after thanksgiving one is enough to tempt the bozzerooo.
But wait boz !!!
What about the nipple piercing you had planned on getting???
Well, ermmmmmm, ahhhhhhh, I'm having a few second thoughts about that because of what happened the other day ...
I was looking through my closet for a shirt, and I caught or snagged or something my existing nipple ring, and it hurt!!!!
But wait, there's more ...
I put on a clean t-shirt and went about my business and then I looked down and there was a big red stain on the front of the shirt.
Man, I was bleeding like a stuck pig.
It only bled for a few seconds, then I did the whole first aid thing and everything is hunky dory.
Soooo, yeah, I think I'm going to put the next piercing on hold for a bit.
One last thing, there are aspects of how I told you that I snagged the piercing that may or may not be entirely copacetic with the actual facts.