Tuesday, November 18, 2003

The real difference between men and women
according to me

When a man is sick he has sense enough to stay home and complain, and expect to get waited on until he gets better.
A woman who is sick on the other hand will keep doing whatever she has been doing, working, managing a house and family, or whatever, thus infecting society as a whole with whatever virus is infecting her.
This being the case it must be assumed that a woman, well not the same woman, but a woman nonetheless, is responsible for all the great plagues that have effected mankind, ok and womankind too, geez, throughout the ages, including the black death and the great influenza epidemic of 1914, or one of those teen years, and we all know just how troublesome those teen years can be.
But I digress ..... hahahahahahaha
I'm mad I tell you, mad, mad, mad!!!!