Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I'm sick, no really this time I am, and I'm going to bed after I take some Nyquil or some Dayquil or some kind of quil, and I mean it, I am really sick this time, because you know even hypochondriacs sometimes get sick, and I really am sick this time, so everybody pray for me, or chant for me, or do the vulcan mind meld for me, and honest I've never watched Star Trek, no really I haven't, someone once told me about the mind meld thing, and no, that wasn't me at the Star Trek convention, how could it be me, I didn't see you, so you couldn't have seen me, and can you believe that George Takei was actually charging 20 bucks for an autograph, and no I didn't know that George Takei played Hikaru Sulu, it was just a lucky guess, hey it could happen.