Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I know, you don't want to hear about how sick I am, well too bad, I am so sick that I have been up since 5 in the morning watching Helen "Bleedin" Mirren in Prime Suspect, and you know she never really solves a case to my satisfaction the stupid cow, but anyway, that's how freakin' sick I am.
Snifff, do I smell baby powder, oh yeah I do, that's my room freshener, I thought I was another step along on the road to being totally out of it, mmmmmmm baby powder.
I just took my second dose of Dayquil, I didn't have any Nyquil, so I had to take Dayquil last night, and there's something terribly wrong about that, but screw it ... I'm sick.
My head feels like a football, that's an american football, an australian football, and an english football, take your pick, on second thought, don't pick, my head feels like three footballs, and you might as well throw in a frisbee too, because I'm ... sick, pay attention, how many times do I have to tell you ... sick ... sick ... sick.
But I digress, and yeah, I've noticed a lot of you using my signature phrase of
But I digress lately, that's my fucking phrase, stop using it, now, I mean it, or else, or else something, anyway, I'm sick, but you already knew that, so I'm going back to bed, but I'll be back, and I'd better not catch wind of any of you But I digressing.
And you know I love you all, seriously, I do, but today ehhhh, not so much, because ...
I'M SICK!!!!