Monday, November 17, 2003

I just woke up from falling asleep watching a Japanese zombie movie, but that's ok because I had seen it before, and no it wasn't one of those cheesy low rent type of Japanese zombie movies that we have come to know and love over the decades, this would have definitely been in the Marvin Gardens rent range, and I'll trade you Marvin Gardens for St James Place and New York Avenue, and I'll throw in $500.00.
But I digress, I mean I didn't even get the covers pulled down before I fell asleep, and I think when I go back to bed I'm still not going to pull the covers down, and man I think I just discovered a new way of not having to make the bed everyday, and somebody quick give me the url for Hints for Heloise.
All of a sudden, my arms hurt, well not hurt, they just sort of feel limp, and don't you just hate when that happens.
So, I am going back to bed to dream the dreams of the irreverent MoFo that I have always dreamt of being.