Monday, November 17, 2003

Comments I have left on other people's blogs today, ok, and maybe yesterday too, ok, in the last month or so

It was an oversite that you left my name off the good writers list wasn’t it, tell me it was.
Because I’m a veteran

I think we can rule out the possibility that it was Anne Frank

I've seen the artificial virus sex tape.
oh yeah, and here's my attempt at a joke ...
Where was the Paris Hilton sex tape filmed?
Hilton HEAD, South Carolina.
Ok, it's more like a riddle

oh man, it must be serious if you took the troll with you.

In many cultures Body Odor, yes, let's quit pussy footing around and call it was it is, is considered an aphrodisiac.

I couldn't make it anyway, I'll be drinking beer and watching DVD's with the Kennedy's.

I hate when I overspend on hookers.

I haven't been able to get my bozzie up for years. (((rim shot)))

It looks like Kobe wants to perform oral sex on Ben Wallace.

I think you just gave me an orgasm.

A banjo and a walking stick !!!
You add two hookers and you’ve got my dream date.

The violation of the Mann Act.

I am less pessimistic about my future because most of it is behind me.

Everybody thought I was crazy, but I know what I saw.

"sniffing my underwear before putting them on and dancing around to ABBA in my bedroom."
Been there ...
Done that ...