Sunday, November 16, 2003

This is like my total veg out day.
I'm wearing my fluorescent orange t-shirt, you know the one, the one that makes your corneas go ... have mercy.
I'm watching a football game that I have no interest whatsoever in, and I never knew how sexy cheerleaders looked in the rain.
I don't feel guilty because I slept till a quarter after one, and didn't get dressed till a quarter after two, if you call being dressed the aforementioned t-shirt, a pair of shorts, and socks.
I'm so vegged out I didn't even use plaque remover when I brushed my teeth, now that's Vegged with a capital VEG.
I'm so vegged that I might not even run spellcheck before I post this, of course I'm so anal that I probably will.
I'm so vegged that I'm not even going to eat any veggies today, and no fruits either, no, my 5 food groups for the day are meat, spuds, bread, soda and candy, oh yeah and pretzels, fat free pretzels, and how vegged out is it if the healthiest thing you eat all day is fat free pretzels.
I'm so vegged I'm just going to end this post right here.