Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Not boz: Hello, this is not boz. As you probably know by now boz is sick, he says it's a cold or a sinus infection or something, personally I think he's just looking for sympathy, hits and comments, and don't believe boz when he says that he made a sex tape with Paris Hilton, unless you believe that he calls his right hand _____ (fill in the blank).
But anyway, boz will probably be back later today with further tales about Charlie and the bayonet, Red, Sonny, and the boys, and lies about his sexual exploits.
Oh yeah, for those of you who care, the answer to
If boz is the second most famous person born on June 12th that has a blog, journal or diary, that's diary, not dairy, who is the most famous person born on June 12th who has ever had a blog, journal or dairy, I mean diary
The answer is ...
Anne Frank
boz says he'll catch you on the flipper side, or something.