Thursday, November 20, 2003

boz boz boz
boz has cabin fever. boz needs to get out. boz has eaten a gallon and a half of ice cream in the past three days. boz needs more ice cream. boz shaved, and didn't cut himself. boz didn't bathe, but he did french shower, and damn that was awful nice of the french to invent that. boz is going out today. boz needs money, the bank has money, ergo boz is going to the bank. boz wants a whopper and fries, see boz salivate. boz is still in the same pajamas he wore in the sick picture, but is wearing different socks. boz needs to make his bed. boz needs to get dressed. boz has already fed the birds, but they still mock him. boz wants a different flavor of mouthwash, perhaps something minty. boz is not sleepy. boz is not tired. boz looks at the bed and fights the urge to jump back in bed. boz is a creature of habit. boz has hired someone to rake leaves tomorrow. boz has many excuses for not raking leaves himself. boz is having a bad hair day. boz will wear a hat. boz is running out of excuses. boz will end this post.